Kodjin FHIR Browser

Before You Start

Welcome to the Kodjin FHIR Resource Browser!

This tool is designed to provide a straightforward way to browse and manage FHIR resources for educational and demonstration purposes.

Kodjin FHIR Resource Browser provides an intuitive resource layout, as well as the ability to view and edit resources in JSON. It performs automatic validation of FHIR resources and shows warnings to identify and fix discrepancies.

You can start working with the Resource Browser right away, without any need for user authorization. To connect any other FHIR Server and configure client authorization navigate to the Settings tab.

If your connection to the FHIR server requires authorization, please be aware that in order to view resources, you are required to possess the scope for accessing Structure Definitions. Additionally, to apply filters to resources, the scope for accessing SearchParameters is necessary. Should you lack these permissions, kindly reach out to the administrators of your FHIR server for assistance.